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29 November 2015, 19:53 OTV: The businessman Gilbert Chagoury will make an urgent trip to Beirut to address the repercussions of the Paris meeting between Hariri and Franjieh.
29 November 2015, 18:37 VDL (100.5): Maj. Gen. Ibrahim said in Chtaura that negotiations are still ongoing and that the swap deal has not collapsed.
29 November 2015, 18:20 MTV: The other condition hindering the swap deal is failure to secure the evacuation of a number of wounded people to Turkey.
29 November 2015, 18:18 MTV: A Nusra source said the Lebanese state has not honored its promise on supplying food aid to refugees in Arsal's outskirts.
29 November 2015, 18:16 MTV: Lebanese officials said they cannot fulfill al-Nusra's demand of sending aid trucks to areas controlled by al-Nusra.
29 November 2015, 18:01 Information obtained by OTV: The captors are creating the obstacles, not the Lebanese state.
29 November 2015, 17:41 PM Salam has canceled his Monday trip to Paris in order to “follow up on the developments in the case of the captive servicemen,” his office said.
29 November 2015, 17:08 Al-Jazeera: Some obstacles emerged in the final moments but the negotiations have not stopped.
29 November 2015, 17:08 Al-Jazeera: New developments have prevented the completion of the prisoner swap deal today.
29 November 2015, 16:45 Information obtained by Al-Mayadeen: Al-Nusra Front has increased its demands in the past few hours and the fate of the swap deal is not clear at the moment.
29 November 2015, 16:37 Aid truck driver in al-Labweh: Security forces have asked us to return to Beirut.
29 November 2015, 16:36 Al-Jadeed: Al-Nusra Front has started making crippling demands and the aid trucks have returned to Beirut.
29 November 2015, 16:22 General Security: All the information that has been circulated since morning in the media about the negotiations over the captive servicemen is baseless, especially regarding the swap deal's conditions.
29 November 2015, 16:16 OTV: Efforts have intensified to overcome the obstacles that are hindering the prisoner swap deal.
29 November 2015, 16:07 Al-Jazeera: The indications are positive regarding the prisoner swap deal and some logistical details are being worked out.
29 November 2015, 15:47 Al-Jadeed: The negotiations between Maj. Gen. Ibrahim and the captors of the servicemen have entered the final moments which will decide the fate of the deal.
29 November 2015, 15:46 The aid convoy that entered Arsal as part of the prisoner swap deal has returned to the town of al-Labweh without unloading the material it was carrying.
29 November 2015, 15:32 Al-Mayadeen: The aid convoy that was in Arsal's outskirts has returned to al-Labweh without unloading the material it was carrying.
29 November 2015, 15:32 Al-Mayadeen: Al-Nusra Front has made a new demand.
29 November 2015, 15:23 LBCI: The list headed by FPM candidate George Sayli has won the elections of the Order of Pharmacists.
29 November 2015, 15:03 Al-Jazeera: The Qatari-sponsored swap deal between Lebanon and al-Nusra Front will take place within hours.
29 November 2015, 14:51 MTV: Families of the soldiers are angered by some media leaks and asked caution in reporting information.
29 November 2015, 14:18 MTV: Families of the abducted servicemen await the happy news but nothing new so far.
29 November 2015, 14:15 MTV: The swap has not started until this moment, and a Nusra source said that most of the conditions were approved.
29 November 2015, 14:13 MTV: The Qatari delegation is carrying out intensive contacts with several parties to overcome the obstacles.
29 November 2015, 14:07 OTV: Some difficulties and complications are hindering the swap deal.
29 November 2015, 13:47 Sources to VDL (100.5): The swap deal has reached a happy ending.
29 November 2015, 13:42 MTV: The Popular Bloc announced that Miriam Skaff, the widow of late Elias Skaff will be the new head for the bloc.
29 November 2015, 13:36 VDL (100.5): A vehicle collision on the junction of Maghdouche south of Sidon killed the son of Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek and injured his wife and children.
29 November 2015, 13:26 PSP leader Walid Jumblat via twitter: It seems my words have hurt the feelings of some, so i will stick to the old saying "stay away from evil and sing for it."
29 November 2015, 13:21 Grand Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan: We have full confidence in president Hariri and his national initiatives and we hope to see it pay off soon.
29 November 2015, 12:49 VDL (93.3): A bang was heard in al-Chiyah area was the result of an electric friction that triggered a fire in a building close to Camille Chamoun highway.
29 November 2015, 12:02 Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea via twitter: Some people care too much about history, they should care a little more about the present.
29 November 2015, 11:01 LBCI: We are committed not to disclose any information on the abducted soldiers given the delicate negotiations and out of our keenness to help it succeed.
29 November 2015, 10:45 Security source to VDL (100.5): The swap with al-Nusra Front has begun but it needs some time to conclude.
29 November 2015, 10:41 NNA: A man was killed and another was injured in a vehicle collision on the Zahle highway.
29 November 2015, 10:30 VDL (93.3): The swap will take place in half an hour between al-Masyada and Wadi Hmeid.
29 November 2015, 10:28 Security sources to VDL (93.3): The negotiations are going well, no complications so far.
29 November 2015, 10:05 VDL (93.3): 20 military vehicles and General Security ambulances head to Arsal.
29 November 2015, 10:01 Security source to VDL (93.3): Security measures have been taken between Baalbek and al-Labweh paving way for a close release of the servicemen held captive by al-Nusra Front.
29 November 2015, 09:58 VDL (100.5): The army closed Arsal's Wadi Hmeid and al-Masyad crossings.
29 November 2015, 09:53 MTV: A General Security delegation arrived at al-Labweh.
29 November 2015, 09:51 MP Bassem al-Shabb to VDL (93.3): Franjieh has not been officially nominated. What is wrong with having dialogue with Franjieh being one of the four Christian poles?
29 November 2015, 09:42 MP Fadi Karam to VDL (93.3): We hope that the kidnapped servicemen are released in the next few hours.
29 November 2015, 08:18 ISF arrested 62 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon.