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24 July 2014, 14:45 OTV: Cabinet tasked FM Jebran Bassil with sending a letter to the ICC in The Hague on the developments in Gaza and Mosul.
24 July 2014, 14:34 LF chief Samir Geagea to al-Masira magazine: We cannot have any hope regarding Lebanon and its Christians as long as MP Michel Aoun remains a political player.
24 July 2014, 14:01 Judge Fadi Sawan issued an arrest warrant against an individual from Shames family on charges of the attempted murder of head of the intelligence bureau in the Bekaa.
24 July 2014, 13:59 Salafist cleric Sheikh Salem al-Rafehi: We warn of the ongoing religious oppression that the Sunni sect in Lebanon is suffering from.
24 July 2014, 13:59 Unknown assailants opened fire at head of al-Labweh municipality chief Ramez Amhaz in the town and fled away.
24 July 2014, 13:39 VDL (100.5): Three Lebanese were on board the lost Algerian plane that was heading to Algiers from Burkina Faso.
24 July 2014, 12:09 LBCI: A closed-door meeting is underway between Ministers Bou Saab and Qazzi, amid reports they reached an agreement over the LU file.
24 July 2014, 11:00 Beirut police detained seven individuals for committing various crimes and seized 17 violating motorcycles and a vehicle.
24 July 2014, 10:48 Cabinet session went underway at the Grand Serail.
24 July 2014, 10:13 Minister Elias Bou Saab from the Grand Serail: The Kataeb party has demands and doesn't want to impede the cabinet. I will offer solutions during today's session.
24 July 2014, 10:12 Minister Abou Faour ahead of cabinet session at the Grand Serail: The LU decree is similar to other decrees and should be postponed if rivals didn't reach an agreement.
24 July 2014, 09:39 ISF detained 56 people for committing various crimes throughout Lebanese territories.
24 July 2014, 08:58 MP Ziad al-Qadri to VDL (93.3): The agreement reached over the salaries of public employees is temporarily.
24 July 2014, 08:27 TMC: Two people were wounded in a traffic accident on the Sidon highway leading to al-Jiyyeh.
24 July 2014, 08:26 MP Michel Moussa to VDL (93.3): There are no indications that the parliamentary elections will be held any time soon.
24 July 2014, 07:50 VDL (93.3): A gunmen was wounded at night during an assault by armed men on an army checkpoint in Wadi Hmeid in Arsal.
23 July 2014, 22:40 Army Command: Four rockets landed in the outskirts of the towns of al-Bzaliyeh and Hrabta after being fired from the Eastern Mountain Belt, causing no casualties.
23 July 2014, 20:50 Former PM Hariri on Twitter: (I announce my) full solidarity with my Christian brothers in Mosul. What they are going through is unacceptable in human and religious standards.
23 July 2014, 20:34 Interior Minister Mashnouq during iftar at ministry: The government was formed as an attempt to protect Lebanon as much as possible on the basis of suspending conflict with those whom we have a dispute with, and confronting terrorism without any hesitation.
23 July 2014, 20:30 MTV: Four rockets fired from the Eastern Mountain Belt hit the town of al-Labweh, reportedly causing material damage.
23 July 2014, 19:57 MTV: The Kataeb Party will submit a proposal on keeping Yared as dean of the medicine faculty in return for taking the PSP's share at the tourism faculty by naming a Maronite dean.
23 July 2014, 19:43 Three people were hurt as a personal dispute between 2 Palestinians and a Syrian escalated into a fistfight involving sharp objects in Ain el-Hilweh.
23 July 2014, 19:43 Ex-PM Fouad Saniora's press office denied that he had given any statement after his meeting with the finance minister in parliament.
23 July 2014, 18:32 Al-Jadeed: Palestinian national Mohammed Jaber has been freed for ransom after he was abducted last week in the Baalbek district area of al-Khraibeh.
23 July 2014, 18:32 Al-Jadeed: An Israeli patrol found a suspicious object at the Kfarkila water drainage canal and it is inspecting the site under the eyes of UNIFIL and army troops.
23 July 2014, 18:26 MTV: Saniora stressed to Khalil during the financial meeting that the new wage scale cannot be approved in its current format.
23 July 2014, 18:22 MTV: A source who took part in the financial meeting has confirmed that salaries will be paid from the reserve, without approving a law in parliament.
23 July 2014, 17:42 LF leader Samir Geagea discussed the presidential polls with al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Samir al-Jisr, stressing the necessity to elect a president "as soon as possible" and tackling what the March 14 alliance can do to make a breakthrough in the impasse.
23 July 2014, 16:53 Finance Minister Hassan Khalil: The likely formula to resolve the issue of salaries is curbing unnecessary spending from the reserves available under Law 238 and redistributing it to secure the cost.
23 July 2014, 15:46 OTV: The salaries of public employees were discussed in talks between Kanaan and Hassan Khalil ahead of a meeting between the latter and Saniora.