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23 October 2020, 15:05 Raad after meeting Hariri: We stressed the need to reach understandings with all political blocs and forces and we advised him not to form a small cabinet.
23 October 2020, 14:22 Bassil after meeting Hariri: We had responsible and open talks with Hariri. No personal conflict with Hariri. We are positive and want a swift government formation. But we fear for the government’s ability to implement the reform program of the French initiative because of previous experience.
23 October 2020, 14:14 Bassil led the Strong Lebanon bloc to the cabinet consultations with Hariri.
23 October 2020, 13:23 MTV: Hariri has a specific vision of a small government composed of specialists.
23 October 2020, 13:20 MTV: Hariri began consultations on the cabinet lineup with Berri.
23 October 2020, 11:20 LBCI: Bassil will not lead the Strong Lebanon bloc delegation to the government consultations with Hariri.
23 October 2020, 09:07 MTV: General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim returned to Beirut coming from Washington after holding talks with US officials.
22 October 2020, 20:18 Lebanon recorded 1,450 new coronavirus cases and 16 deaths over the past 24 hours.
22 October 2020, 20:14 Protesters blocked the Saifi road in both directions in rejection of Hariri's return as premier.
22 October 2020, 17:42 PM-designate Hariri: If the country’s interest requires an understanding with everyone, then the country’s interest should have the priority.
22 October 2020, 15:46 PM-designate Hariri said he held protocol consultations with ex-PMs Diab, Salam, Miqati, Saniora and al-Hoss over the phone due to “security reasons.”
22 October 2020, 15:42 Reports: Two people have been wounded by celebratory gunfire in Tripoli.
22 October 2020, 15:26 U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis: Do not count on miracles, foreign elections or external donors – the rescue must start in Lebanon, by Lebanon.