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11 December 2017, 16:52 Today's blast in New York was an "attempted terrorist attack," the city's mayor said.

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11 December 2017, 16:31 Nasrallah: The most important response to Trump's hostile decision should be the declaration of a third intifada across the occupied Palestinian territories.
11 December 2017, 16:30 Nasrallah: The Palestinian Authority should not negotiate with Israel before Trump reverses his decision.
11 December 2017, 16:26 Nasrallah: The axis of resistance will once again give all its attention to Palestine and I call on all resistance factions to devise a confrontation plan.
11 December 2017, 16:17 Nasrallah: Anyone counting on the US must realize that it is not a sponsor of peace in the region but rather the creator of Daesh and the sponsor of sedition.
11 December 2017, 16:09 Nasrallah to “all protesters across the world”: Your demonstrations today are highly important in the context of the strong confrontation against this aggression. You must realize the value of your presence on the streets and on social media, because they were betting that you have abandoned and grown tired of Palestine.
11 December 2017, 16:06 Nasrallah: Today Trump is isolated after his stance on Jerusalem.
11 December 2017, 16:00 Nasrallah: I call on our camp's speakers and political analysts not to downplay the importance of the protests that are taking place.
11 December 2017, 15:57 Nasrallah: We must appreciate the historic stances of all Muslim and Christian spiritual leaders, from Najaf to Iran to al-Azhar and the various Christian leaders, and we must also appreciate all forms of popular protests.
11 December 2017, 15:51 Nasrallah: Arab and Islamic governments must immunize the stances of the European nations that have rejected Trump's decision.
11 December 2017, 15:49 Nasrallah: We highly value all the stances that have rejected the flagrant U.S. aggression against Jerusalem.
11 December 2017, 15:48 Nasrallah: In the face of this blatant American-Zionist aggression against Jerusalem, the holy sites and the nation, we reiterate our stance and commitment until victory or martyrdom.
11 December 2017, 15:46 Nasrallah: I thank you for this huge turnout and this great solidarity. You are the people of resistance and loyalty.
11 December 2017, 15:34 A Hizbullah-organized mass rally got underway in Dahieh in condemnation of U.S. President Trump's declaration on Jerusalem.