Live News

30 September 2016, 21:25 MTV: Hariri left Rabieh without making a statement.
30 September 2016, 21:25 LBCI: The meeting between Aoun and Hariri has ended.
30 September 2016, 19:08 Ex-PM Saad Hariri has arrived in Rabieh for talks with FPM founder MP Michel Aoun.
30 September 2016, 18:38 Geagea: Hariri has not taken a final decision on endorsing Aoun.
30 September 2016, 18:27 Geagea: The gap has started to narrow.
30 September 2016, 18:26 LF leader Geagea after meeting ex-PM Hariri: The meeting tackled things thoroughly and we extensively discussed the presidential issue.
30 September 2016, 18:13 National News Agency: Defense Minister Moqbel has issued a decree appointing Maj. Gen. Hatem Malak as army chief of staff, replacing Maj. Gen. Walid Salman.
30 September 2016, 17:03 Ex-PM Saad Hariri has arrived in Maarab for talks with LF leader Samir Geagea.
30 September 2016, 15:54 MTV: Ministers Bou Saab, Bassil and Nazarian have signed the decree on appointing Hatem Malak as a new chief of staff.