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02 July 2015, 20:16 National News Agency: The army fired in the air and arrested a taxi driver who failed to stop at its checkpoint in Taamir Ain el-Hilweh.
02 July 2015, 20:03 National News Agency: Fierce clashes erupted in Arsal's outskirts between gunmen from the Syrian towns of al-Jarajir and Asal al-Ward over splitting cherry crops.
02 July 2015, 17:09 Aoun: No one should violate the Constitution or our rights.
02 July 2015, 17:08 Aoun: The entire cabinet should assume the powers of the president, not a single minister.
02 July 2015, 17:08 Aoun: They are encroaching on our rights. Would a prime minister be named without Sunni consent?
02 July 2015, 17:07 Aoun: They are pushing us towards an explosion and let everyone understand that we do not fear that.
02 July 2015, 17:06 Aoun: We will take a firm stance to confront these threats.
02 July 2015, 17:06 Aoun: The Change and Reform bloc is the biggest Christian bloc in parliament and our keenness on the country does not allow us to stand idly by.
02 July 2015, 17:05 Aoun: We are still waiting for the government to implement its decision on the army's liberation of the town.
02 July 2015, 17:04 Aoun: The government's behavior indicates that it is not aware of the threats. That was evidently manifested in its failure to curb the Syrian refugee influx or stop the infiltration of terrorists from Qalamoun into Arsal.
02 July 2015, 17:03 Aoun: The government disregarded the president's powers and failed to respect the law and the Constitution. It has toppled the National Pact and started acting as a "coup government" or a central party committee.
02 July 2015, 17:02 Aoun: The issue was not limited to the army, as the interior ministry also extended the term of the ISF chief.
02 July 2015, 17:01 Aoun: The bad intentions were revealed through their attempt to attract the army commander in a coup against legitimacy.
02 July 2015, 17:01 Aoun: One violation after another were committed when we reached the juncture of the armed forces appointments. The government argued that it is "resigned" to refrain from making the appointments and this is an illegal excuse.
02 July 2015, 17:00 Aoun: They have staged a coup against the Constitution and ridiculed the people through extending the parliament's term.
02 July 2015, 17:00 FPM leader MP Michel Aoun after extraordinary meeting for Change and Reform bloc: It's about time we frankly told people about what's really happening in Lebanon. The behavior of some ministers and MPs is subjecting the country to dangers.
02 July 2015, 16:57 MP Sami Gemayel after meeting Geagea: We support any rapprochement between any two parties.
02 July 2015, 16:55 Geagea: Our dialogue with the FPM is very good in my opinion and I hope it will continue to move forward.
02 July 2015, 16:54 Geagea: We always discuss certain topics with Kataeb but we agree 99% on the political agenda.
02 July 2015, 16:52 Geagea: We have not reached a common vision regarding the presidency or the issue of sovereignty, but we will continue with dialogue.
02 July 2015, 16:50 Geagea: I don't understand all this uproar over the survey, as every party has the right to organize a survey and the issue must not be blown out of proportion.
02 July 2015, 16:47 Geagea: The visit is mainly aimed at congratulating MP Sami Gemayel.
02 July 2015, 16:46 Geagea after meeting Sami Gemayel in Saifi: Bringing together the political forces is necessary in any attempt to make a change and this is the aim of the current contacts.
02 July 2015, 16:03 LF leader Samir Geagea arrived in Saifi to meet Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel.
02 July 2015, 14:58 VDL (100.5): Health Minister Wael Abou Faour asked the public prosecutor in Mount Lebanon to prosecute two doctors for violating the law and giving false birth statements.
02 July 2015, 14:37 Bou Saab to LBCI about the broadcast cut during his statement at the Grand Serail: This is a suppression that we hadn't witnessed during Rostom Ghazaleh's rule.
02 July 2015, 14:14 VDL (100.5): Families of the captive soldiers reopened the Saifi road.
02 July 2015, 14:10 The relatives of the hostages said it is time for their cause to be a top priority.
02 July 2015, 14:10 The relatives of the hostages said they will hold the PM responsible for any damage inflicted on the captives.
02 July 2015, 14:09 The relatives of the hostages urged Turkey and Qatar to work on releasing their loved ones.
02 July 2015, 14:07 Speaker Nabih Berri met with the U.S. Special Envoy for International Energy Affairs at the State Department, Amos Hochstein.
02 July 2015, 13:43 Jreij: Salam asked the cabinet to approve the agriculture minister's proposal. The ministers approved the allocation of 21 million dollars to export the products.
02 July 2015, 13:42 Jreij: Several cabinet ministers expressed their viewpoints on the suspension of the sessions. They also discussed the agenda of the cabinet and the issue of appointments.
02 July 2015, 13:41 Minister Jreij after the cabinet session: Salam discussed at the start of the session the suspension of previous meetings to pave way for more consultations. But he decided that the issue requires more discussions inside the cabinet, stressing that different viewpoints should not lead to paralysis.
02 July 2015, 13:37 A decree on an extraordinary parliamentary session did not receive the simple majority's vote in the cabinet.
02 July 2015, 13:26 Bou Saab: We couldn't agree during the cabinet session today. In the absence of a president there is no clear mechanism on the authorities of each minister.
02 July 2015, 13:25 Bou Saab after the cabinet session: Kataeb and us reject the amendment of the cabinet mechanism.
02 July 2015, 13:18 TMC: An individual was injured in a car crash on the Tripoli highway.
02 July 2015, 12:46 NNA: The Lebanese army arrested on Wednesday two Syrians in the North Bekaa town of al-Ain on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization.
02 July 2015, 12:09 LBCI: The relatives of the hostages burned tires on the Saifi road.
02 July 2015, 11:22 TMC: An individual was injured in a collision between a van and a motorcycle on the Aqaibeh highway.
02 July 2015, 11:20 VDL (100.5): The cabinet ministers signed the decrees that were on the agenda of the last session.
02 July 2015, 11:11 The families of the hostages reopened the Naameh highway.
02 July 2015, 10:56 Civil Defense: Firefighters are trying to douse a fire that swept through a wheat field in Bekaa's town of Riyaq.
02 July 2015, 10:54 VDL (100.5): Israeli helicopters hover over the Golan heights and the Shebaa farms.
02 July 2015, 10:30 The cabinet convened at the Grand Serail under PM Tammam Salam.
02 July 2015, 10:26 Minister Jreij expected the cabinet to continue its discussions on the rest of the items on the agenda “because everyone has a goodwill.”
02 July 2015, 10:25 Minister Shehayyeb told reporters at the Grand Serail that he will bring up the issue of the export of agricultural products during the cabinet session.
02 July 2015, 10:24 Minister Fneish ahead of the cabinet session: There is no problem in the government. We will engage in dialogue and then leave.
02 July 2015, 10:13 VDL (100.5): Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi stressed the necessity to address the people's needs and resort to the constitution.
02 July 2015, 10:07 VDL (93.3): The five Koreans arrested in al-Taybe have been transferred to Beirut for investigation on charges of plotting terrorist attacks in North Bekaa.
02 July 2015, 10:02 Nizam Mughit to MTV: The government is no longer hearing us. We want to hear them say where the positive signs that they were talking about are.
02 July 2015, 10:02 Youssef said Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim is awaiting for the final sign from Qatar's envoy. We urge him to act during this holy month.
02 July 2015, 10:01 Hussein Youssef to MTV: After almost one month on the kidnapping of our sons, we decided to become active again.
02 July 2015, 09:59 MP Nabil De Freije to VDL (93.3): We should discuss the cabinet agenda to address the people's interests. No one can impose demands on the Prime Minister.
02 July 2015, 09:54 LBCI: The families of the hostages blocked the Saifi road in Beirut.
02 July 2015, 09:33 MP Khaled Zahraman to VDL (93.3): Politicians should resort to the Constitution because some parties are trying to topple the cabinet's decision.
02 July 2015, 09:22 LBCI: The relatives of one of the so-called Arsal hostages blocked the coastal highway in Naameh.
02 July 2015, 09:21 ISF arrested 52 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
02 July 2015, 08:13 NNA: Rawad Abdullah Shamas was injured in Brital from celebratory gunfire.