Live News

15 November 2019, 20:54 MTV: The army erected checkpoints following reports that convoys were heading from Keserwan’s mountainous region to Jal el-Dib.
15 November 2019, 20:25 The U.N. has voted in favor of obliging Israel to pay Lebanon USD 856.4 million in damages over the 2006 oil spill caused by the bombing of the Jiye power plant.
15 November 2019, 20:09 Protesters have reopened the Dbaye highway.
15 November 2019, 20:08 Convoys that came from the Ring area have blocked the eastern lane of the Dbaye highway.
15 November 2019, 19:55 Baabda sources to MTV: Hariri's hesitation has become costly and he has to make up his mind.
15 November 2019, 19:28 A protest got underway outside Mohammed Safadi's house in Beirut's Clemenceau area.
15 November 2019, 18:12 Traffic Management Center: Protesters are marching from Bourj al-Murr towards Bourj al-Ghazal and the area is witnessing traffic congestion.
15 November 2019, 17:27 Parts of the Elia roundabout in Sidon are blocked by protesters.
15 November 2019, 16:16 Ex-PMs Miqati, Saniora and Salam have called for re-designating caretaker PM Hariri as premier, urging all political forces to "facilitate his mission."
15 November 2019, 16:11 MP Mario Aoun to al-Jadeed: I expect the date of the binding parliamentary consultations to be announced early next week.
15 November 2019, 16:03 The protesters who were arrested overnight in Jal el-Dib and Gemmayze have been released.
15 November 2019, 11:52 Qabalan: The army is our salvation and must be decisive to protect civil peace.
15 November 2019, 11:50 Qabalan to protesters: Some hardly turn the protests into riots for political and partisan purposes do not waste the goal of your movement.
15 November 2019, 11:27 MTV: AUB doctors and staff perform a warning sit-in to protest the non-payment of dues.
15 November 2019, 11:24 MTV: Protesters upped their movements in Tripoli blocking several roads amid army negotiations to reopen them.
15 November 2019, 01:05 Protesters have managed to re-block the Jal el-Dib highway and the army has intervened.
14 November 2019, 23:31 Hariri has agreed with Hizbullah, AMAL and the FPM on nominating Mohammed Safadi for the premiership, several Lebanese TV networks said.
14 November 2019, 23:05 Al-Jadeed: Hariri has agreed with Hussein Khalil and Ali Hassan Khalil on naming Mohammed Safadi as premier.
14 November 2019, 23:03 TV networks: Several protesters were injured in scuffles with the army in Jal el-Dib.
14 November 2019, 22:39 TV networks: The conferees at the Center House discussed the possibility of naming Mohammed Safadi as premier.
14 November 2019, 22:08 Clashes erupted in Jal el-Dib between protesters and security forces.