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27 November 2015, 17:46 Ministerial source to al-Mayadeen: The Lebanese servicemen held by the IS and al-Nusra will be freed tomorrow as part of a swap deal.
27 November 2015, 17:45 A sixth person has been charged with terror offenses in Belgium in connection with the Paris attacks.
27 November 2015, 16:41 Syrian Foreign Minister Muallem welcomed French FM Fabius' statement on including regime forces in the anti-IS fight.
27 November 2015, 15:55 Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said his country will suspend visa-free entry for Turks as of January 1.

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27 November 2015, 19:08 MTV: The prisoners who were transferred to the General Security headquarters are 6 Syrians and 2 Lebanese.
27 November 2015, 18:47 MTV: Eight prisoners have been transferred from Roumieh to the General Security's HQ in preparation for the swap deal that will occur tomorrow in return for al-Nusra-held servicemen.
27 November 2015, 18:19 VDL (93.3): Salam postponed his Paris trip to Sunday morning and scheduled a Grand Serail meeting for tomorrow morning and sources have declined to reveal its purpose.
27 November 2015, 18:05 LF leader Samir Geagea at a press conference: 'March 14 First' means that no step must be made unless it is part of March 14's objectives.
27 November 2015, 18:04 Geagea: March 14 means carefully heeding the voices of hundreds of thousands of people who took to the squares of freedom on March 14.
27 November 2015, 17:34 National News Agency: Unknown gunmen kidnapped Syrian national Mahmoud Mohammed Amer from Arsal and took him to the town's outskirts.
27 November 2015, 16:39 PM Salam: We back any rapprochement or openness between political forces and we stress that the top priority in any discussion or settlement must be the election of a president.
27 November 2015, 14:48 Kataeb delegation after meeting Aoun: We agreed with the MP to work together and reach a joint vision on the electoral law.
27 November 2015, 14:01 Al-Jadeed: A Kataeb Party delegation arrived at Rabieh for talks with MP Michel Aoun.
27 November 2015, 13:38 LBCI: Army Intelligence arrested al-Nusra Front member Ali Ahmed al-Lakkis who had executed soldier Mohammed Hamiyeh.
27 November 2015, 13:29 LBCI: The trial of Jamal Daftartar and Naim Abbas in the Abdullah Azzam Brigades case was postponed to March.
27 November 2015, 13:18 VDL (100.5): Heavy gunfire has been heard in Haret Saida during the funeral of a Hizbullah fighter.
27 November 2015, 13:17 Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea via Twitter: March 14 and Lebanon are first and foremost, nothing lies in between.
27 November 2015, 13:09 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil and his Palestinian counterpart Nouri al-Maliki.
27 November 2015, 12:52 Palestinian Foreign Minister al-Maliki to VDL (93.3): The PM and I have tackled the joint concerns regarding the Palestinian presence in camps.
27 November 2015, 12:43 The U.S. charge d'Affaires arrived at Bnachii is holding talks with Marada Movement leader MP Suleiman Franjieh.
27 November 2015, 11:57 MTV: The army intensified its measures at the entrances to the city of Baalbek.
27 November 2015, 11:56 VDL (93.3): Prime Minister Tammam Salam is holding talks with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Maliki at the Grand Serail.
27 November 2015, 11:35 VDL (93.3) said that Emir of al-Nusra Front in al-Qalamoun has "addressed all those belonging to Daesh to leave the group before they are doomed."
27 November 2015, 11:12 VDL (100.5): Kataeb chief MP Sami Gemayel is holding talks with deputy Speaker Farid Makari.
27 November 2015, 10:33 Mustaqbal bloc chief MP Fouad Saniora: The integrity of the state must be restored through the election of a president.
27 November 2015, 10:05 VDL (93.3): PM Tammam Salam is holding talks with General Prosecutor Judge Samir Hammoud.
27 November 2015, 08:09 ISF arrested 73 individuals for committing various crimes throughout Lebanon.
26 November 2015, 20:31 NNA: A personal dispute in al-Fouqani street in the camp of Ain el-Hilweh left several injured, contacts with Palestinian figures kicked off to contain the situation.
26 November 2015, 20:23 NNA: The army arrested at the airport Syrian Ali Trad who came from Arsal and planned to travel to Iraq to join the ranks of militants.