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06 October 2015, 13:17 LBCI: The health ministry issued warnings against al-Rahi hospital, Hotel Dieu, and Sacre Coeur for dumping medical wastes without any treatment.
06 October 2015, 13:15 The families of the Arsal captives said they will hold another sit-in after the Raouche protest.
06 October 2015, 12:37 Relatives of Arsal hostages: We will block the Raouche road for three hours and we will take escalatory action from now on. Our case is a red line that cannot be crossed.
06 October 2015, 12:27 The relatives of the Arsal captives blocked the Raouche main road.
06 October 2015, 12:25 NNA: Unknown assailants opened fire at dawn at a jewelry shop in Baalbek. Its owner was killed during a shooting.
06 October 2015, 12:23 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq and U.S. ambassador to Lebanon David Hale.
06 October 2015, 12:09 The fourth dialogue session kicked off at the parliament.
06 October 2015, 12:05 The Lebanese army said it arrested Youssef Abdullah Awdeh and confiscated weapons and ammunition.
06 October 2015, 12:02 Minister Shehayyeb said that another location for a landfill in the Eastern Mountain range of Bekaa has been set, adding that he will not disclose its precise location until it is ready.
06 October 2015, 11:58 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway in presence of MP Michel Aoun and MP Mohammed Raad on the sideline of the dialogue session.
06 October 2015, 11:54 Minister Shehayyeb confirmed that the work on setting up the Srar landfill is almost completed.
06 October 2015, 11:47 The families of the Arsal captives began gathering at Riad al-Solh square to head towards the Manara area and cut the road near the bain militaire.
06 October 2015, 11:34 VDL (100.5): Grand Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Abdul Latif Deryan is holding a meeting with a Progressive Socialist Party delegation.
06 October 2015, 11:31 VDL (93.3): MP Walid Jumblat arrived at Nejmeh Square to take part in the dialogue.
06 October 2015, 11:15 VDL (93.3): Israeli warplanes carried out intense overflights at medium altitude in the South.
06 October 2015, 11:10 MP Ahmed Fatfat to VDL (93.3): The national dialogue should focus on the main issue and go ahead according to its agenda. It is not acceptable to discuss any other issue.
06 October 2015, 11:08 VDL (100.5): The General Security arrested 15 Iraqi nationals at Beirut airport for having forged Danish residency cards.
06 October 2015, 11:06 Speaker Nabih Berri arrived at Nejmeh Square for the dialogue session.
06 October 2015, 10:44 VDL (93.3): The waste committee meeting kicked off at the Grand Serail.
06 October 2015, 10:42 MP Michel Aoun arrived at Nejmeh Square accompanied by MP Ibrahim Kanaan to take part in the national dialogue.
06 October 2015, 10:29 VDL (93.3): Ministers Nouhad al-Mashnouq and Akram Shehayyen arrived at the Grand Serail to take part in the waste committee meeting headed by PM Tammam Salam.
06 October 2015, 10:27 VDL (93.3): A meeting is underway between PM Tammam Salam and a delegation of MPs from Minieh-Dinnieh.
06 October 2015, 10:07 TMC: An individual was injured in a car crash on the main road of Kfarhim.
06 October 2015, 09:27 ISF arrested 91 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.
06 October 2015, 08:43 MP Amin Wehbe to VDL (100.5): Aoun's participation in today's dialogue is welcomed and if they want to solve the issue of military promotions let them vote.
06 October 2015, 08:43 Minister Rashid Derbas to VDL (100.5): A simple majority is enough to promote the military officers. Even if I were against it, I will have to accept it.
05 October 2015, 18:13 VDL (100.5): Minister Shehayyeb, Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq, a delegation from the Development and Construction Council, and concerned experts arrived at the Grand Serail.
05 October 2015, 17:24 Families of Arsal captives: We will mobilize at Riad al-Solh square on Tuesday.
05 October 2015, 16:44 SCC: Our sacrifices are aimed at preventing the collapse of Lebanon's system.
05 October 2015, 16:43 SCC: The national dialogue would not have convened had it not been from pressure from the people.
05 October 2015, 16:42 SCC: The ruling class has proven that it will only act after pressure from the people.
05 October 2015, 16:42 SCC during press conference: We call for a strike on October 20 and 24 and November 4.
05 October 2015, 15:49 VDL (93.3): Three people were killed in an accident between two cars and an oil tanker at al-Ruweisat intersection on the Metn highway.
05 October 2015, 15:25 LBCI: The health ministry kicked off a campaign to close all unlicensed water treatment stations.
05 October 2015, 15:23 Judge Sakr Sakr tasked the military police and army intelligence to carry out investigations on the Chtaura bomb incident.
05 October 2015, 14:43 TMC: A man was injured in a collision between three vehicles on the Aintoura highway.
05 October 2015, 14:00 LBCI: Health Minister Wael Abou Faour asked the governor of Beirut to take the necessary measures and close down Cassino restaurant and pub in Sodeco for failure to meet the health standards.
05 October 2015, 13:21 Security source to VDL (100.5): A second bomb was not discovered in Chtaura and the security forces did not halt the van that was targeted.