Live News

18 April 2015, 13:08 Security forces arrested a Jordanian woman and her husband on prostitution and human trafficking charges.
18 April 2015, 12:03 VDL (93.3): State security arrested a Syrian national on the Deir Zannoun-Riyak road for possessing fraud Lebanese identity card.
18 April 2015, 11:23 Relatives of abducted servicemen after meeting Jumblat: There are no new developments, but we emphasized positivity and progress.
18 April 2015, 10:42 LBCI: A delegation from the families of the Arsal servicemen arrived in Mokhtara to meet PSP chief MP Walid Jumblat.
18 April 2015, 10:12 MP Imad al-Hout to LBCI: Nasrallah's speech on Friday was purely takfiri.
18 April 2015, 10:04 Health Minister Wael Abou Faour referred to the General Prosecution an individual who claims to cure incurable medical conditions.
18 April 2015, 10:02 MP Jean Oghassapian to VDL (93.3): The current rhetoric targeting Saudi Arabia is an indicator of the critical situation inside Iran.
18 April 2015, 08:14 Security forces arrested 61 individuals throughout Lebanon for committing various crimes.
17 April 2015, 22:13 MTV: A blaze erupted on the second floor of Roumieh prison's ward D where the policemen are being held.
17 April 2015, 20:31 Ex-PM Hariri: Following in the footsteps of Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has excelled in falsification, deception and the shows of force and sectarian mobilization.