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05 July 2015, 15:19 LBCI: The two young men who were abducted today on the Riyaq-Baalbek highway have been freed in the al-Taybeh plain area.
05 July 2015, 14:42 LBCI: The kidnappers of child Ricardo Jeara, who was abducted Saturday, reduced his ransom from 250,000 to 100,000 dollars.
05 July 2015, 12:48 Al-Manar: The Syrian army and Hizbullah fighters entered Syria's al-Zabadani from the west, seizing sections of the city.
05 July 2015, 12:29 Gemayel: Should we experience similar unrest in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Sudan before we finally change the system?
05 July 2015, 12:28 Gemayel: It is time to acknowledge that the current constitutional structure we have been governed by for 90 years has only deepened sectarianism and created divisions among the people.
05 July 2015, 12:27 Gemayel: We want Lebanon to remain neutral from all foreign conflicts.
05 July 2015, 12:26 Gemayel: A bold decision must be taken to protect the Lebanese from regional conflicts and no longer drag the country towards foreign disputes.
05 July 2015, 12:25 Gemayel: A state, democracy, and the rule of law are the main components of the new Lebanon.
05 July 2015, 12:25 Gemayel: We must establish a new democratic state where all people are under the law and where they have the power of war and peace.
05 July 2015, 12:24 Gemayel: We should decide whether we want a state or not and whether we want a civilized state or not.
05 July 2015, 12:23 Gemayel: We should settle once and for all three main issues at this national gathering.
05 July 2015, 12:23 Gemayel: Whatever this gathering will be called, it should pave the way for establishing a new Lebanon.
05 July 2015, 12:23 Gemayel: Such a gathering should be held in Beirut, not abroad, because we should decide our own fate.
05 July 2015, 12:22 Gemayel: After electing a president, all parties should come together and assess the past phase and set new plans for the future.
05 July 2015, 12:22 Gemayel: A president is key to rejuvenating state institutions.
05 July 2015, 12:22 Gemayel: It is time to open a new chapter in Lebanon. It is time to elect a president and stop forcing the Lebanese to live in degrading conditions.
05 July 2015, 12:19 MP Sami Gemayel before popular gathering in al-Saifi: We cannot delay the presidential elections over petty interests.
05 July 2015, 10:06 MP Farid al-Khazen to VDL (93.3): The FPM has the right to express through peaceful and democratic means its annoyance with the current reality.
05 July 2015, 10:04 Ex-President Michel Suleiman warned via Twitter against “resorting to the street instead of parliament,” adding that “the rights of Christians shouldn't be subject to juvenile whims.”
05 July 2015, 10:02 MP Fadi al-Habr to VDL (100.5): Christians today oppose MP Michel Aoun and do not support him.
04 July 2015, 21:19 NNA: Assailants smashed the window of a Nissan four-wheeler in Ajaltoun and stole the owner's personal belongings.
04 July 2015, 19:52 TMC: Two people were injured in a collision between a car and a motorcycle on the main road of Qab Elias.
04 July 2015, 19:21 Bassil: We will take partnership by force if we had no other option.
04 July 2015, 19:18 FM Jebran Bassil said the FPM's dispute with its rivals is not over appointments but over partnership and dignity.
04 July 2015, 19:12 NNA: A man was shot dead in the town of al-Rama in Wadi Khaled over a personal dispute with one of his relatives.
04 July 2015, 18:21 NNA: The body of a man in his 30s was found dumped on rocks on the seashore of the southern city of Tyre.
04 July 2015, 17:17 NNA: Firefighters from Jbeil's Civil Defense Department doused a bush fire near al-Monsef highway.
04 July 2015, 17:12 TMC: 2 people were injured in a collision between two cars on the seaside road of Nahr al-Kalb.
04 July 2015, 16:47 Aoun: We began preparing for popular movements and demonstrations in Mount Lebanon, Baabda and Koura.
04 July 2015, 16:41 FPM chief Michel Aoun to delegations from the South: The Christians of the Orient are being eliminated through the sword and they want to eliminate us politically.