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30 July 2014, 22:45 The army confirmed in a statement that two rockets fired from the Eastern Mountain Belt had landed in the vicinity of Hermel without causing casualties.
30 July 2014, 20:08 LBCI: Reservation is surrounding the investigation in Air Algerie plane's crash, and what has been revealed is that it dropped very fast, hitting the ground and then it crashed.
30 July 2014, 19:52 MTV: The August 12 parliamentary session dedicated for electing a new president will not be different from the previous ones; there will be no quorum and no president.
30 July 2014, 19:52 MTV: A discussion will kick off tomorrow over extending the mandate of the parliament, which has become a fait accompli.
30 July 2014, 19:50 LF MP George Adwan to Future TV: We will remain stuck in the obstruction phase and FPM leader General Aoun must offer concessions to end the obstruction.
30 July 2014, 19:42 Al-Mayadeen: Two rockets fired from the Eastern Mountain Range have landed in the vicinity of the town of Hermel.
30 July 2014, 18:19 TMC: Four people were wounded in a traffic accident on the Aramta main road.
30 July 2014, 17:47 NNA: A huge fire erupted in the southern town of Maghdouche as residents called for aid to extinguish it.
30 July 2014, 16:06 Albert Haykal Hospital: Former MP Hbous is still in the ICU and he is in very critical condition.
30 July 2014, 14:25 NNA: A Syrian woman was shot in her leg during a dispute in an encampment for Syrian refugees in Arsal.
30 July 2014, 14:05 The Red Cross transported one person to hospital when a vehicle plunged into the Antelias river.
30 July 2014, 14:00 Al-Jadeed: Former MP Hbous passed away.
30 July 2014, 13:25 LBCI: Ex-MP Hbous was injured when he mistakenly shot himself in the head while handling his gun.
30 July 2014, 13:10 LBCI: Former MP Ahmed Hbous was in critical condition at a hospital in Koura after he was shot in the head.
30 July 2014, 12:59 Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi contacted Speaker Berri, PM Salam, Grand Mufti Qabbani, and VP of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council Qabalan on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.
30 July 2014, 11:45 A Lebanese expatriate from the southern village of Beit Leif succumbed to his wounds after being shot in Abidjan.
30 July 2014, 09:55 NNA: A man was injured when his vehicle hit a concrete block near the Dora highway.
30 July 2014, 09:09 MP Joseph al-Maalouf to VDL (93.3): Contact between the different parties is necessary and important to resolve pending issues.
30 July 2014, 09:08 The Lebanese Red Cross: Two people were wounded when a truck hit a tree in the area of Zeghrine.
30 July 2014, 08:52 The Lebanese army detained at night in Arsal seven Syrians linked to the Nusra Front.
30 July 2014, 08:52 Firefighters extinguished overnight a large fire that erupted in a plastic factory in Qob Elias.
30 July 2014, 08:45 Israeli forces abducted shepherd Ismail Khalil Nabaa from the town of Shebaa and the army kicked off contacts with the UNIFIL to free him.
30 July 2014, 08:37 MP Yassine Jaber to VDL (100.5): Resovling the political crises requires more than a meeting between Berri and Jumblat.
30 July 2014, 08:35 Al-Arabiya: An Israeli patrol came under fire near the Lebanese border. There were no casualties.
30 July 2014, 08:27 ISF arrested 34 people for committing different crimes across Lebanon.