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06 December 2019, 22:11 MP Mohammed al-Hajjar: Al-Mustaqbal bloc is committed to nominating Samir Khatib for the premiership.
06 December 2019, 20:57 Ex-minister Wiam Wahhab: Lebanon is betting on President Macron’s support to halt the financial and economic collapse and the Paris meeting may prompt a change in the premiership candidates before Monday.
06 December 2019, 20:44 Beirut MP and ex-minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq announced that he will boycott the binding parliamentary consultations.
06 December 2019, 18:06 Samir Khatib's office has stressed that he is in "very good health," denying recent "rumors" that claimed otherwise.
06 December 2019, 18:02 Bassil warned Europe that chaos in Lebanon would create repercussions similar to those of Syria's crisis, such as extremism and a refugee influx towards Europe.
06 December 2019, 17:53 Bassil at Euro-Mediterranean conference: We had warned that the massive influx of economic refugees would harm Lebanon’s economy.