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Britain Creates Unit to Fight Virus Disinformation

Britain has set up a specialist unit to combat the spread of disinformation about the novel coronavirus outbreak, officials said on Monday.

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Britain Leaves the European Union, Leaps into the Unknown

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu.

With little fanfare, Britain left the European Union on Friday after 47 years of membership, taking a leap into the unknown in a historic blow to the bloc.

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Candidates Face First Cull in Battle to Be British PM

The 10 candidates running to replace Britain's outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May face the first round of voting on Thursday -- when at least one will get the chop.

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Britain's Shame: The 1919 Amritsar Massacre

The Amritsar massacre, 100 years ago this Saturday in which British troops opened fire on thousands of unarmed protestors, remains one of the darkest hours of British colonial rule in India.

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Channel Migrant Crossings in Sharp Decline, Says France

The number of migrants trying to smuggle across the Channel from France to Britain by boat has fallen sharply after a spike late last year, authorities in northern France said late Thursday.

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British PM Mulls Solution to Brexit Deadlock as EU Warns of No-Deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May chairs a crucial meeting of senior ministers on Tuesday to seek a way out of a months-long Brexit deadlock, as the EU warned a no-deal departure from the bloc is growing more likely by the day.

The cabinet will discuss the next steps after lawmakers failed Monday to find a majority on any alternative to her divorce deal -- an agreement they have also rejected three times already.

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With Government Split, British MPs Seek New Brexit Plan

British MPs will try again to chart a new Brexit course on Monday after rejecting Prime Minister Theresa May's deal for a third time, but the EU warned its patience was wearing thin.

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UK Parliament Plots Brexit Plan B after Sidelining PM

Britain's parliament sought a new Brexit strategy Tuesday after seizing the initiative from Prime Minister Theresa May in a historic vote, with the risk of a chaotic "no-deal" departure looming.

Lawmakers exasperated by Britain's failed efforts to find a way out of the European Union after three years of debates and negotiations voted Monday to give themselves a broader say on what happens next.

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Million Sign Petition to Stop Brexit

More than a million people  signed an online petition within 24 hours asking the British government to stop Brexit, briefly crashing the site Thursday during a surge in support.

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UK Government Warns It Might Not Hold Pivotal Brexit Vote

British leader Theresa May's government warned Sunday it might not hold a planned Brexit vote this week unless it feels it can secure a win that avoids a lengthy delay to pulling out of the EU.

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