Halqi: Lebanese Government Meddled in Syrian Affairs

Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi stated that the Lebanese government can be held “partially” responsible for the developments in his country, reported al-Akhbar newspaper on Saturday.

He told the daily: “The Lebanese government has interfered in Syrian internal affairs.”

“Part of what Syria has been a victim of can be attributed to the policies of this government,” he added.

Moreover, he accused the government of failing to disassociate itself from Syria.

Halqi explained that the government helped facilitate the infiltration of gunmen into Syria, adding: “Terrorist activity would still be ongoing had it not been for Hizbullah's presence on either side of the Lebanese-Syrian border, especially Syria's al-Qusayr.”

Furthermore, the Syrian official said that contacts between the Syrian and Lebanese government's are nonexistent, revealing that the only communication between Syria and Lebanon is taking place with the latter's foreign ministry.

“The current relations do not represent the historic history between the two countries,” lamented Halqi.

The Lebanese government has adopted a policy of disassociation from regional developments, especially those in Syria.

It adopted the Baabda Declaration in June 2012, which calls for keeping Lebanon away from regional conflicts.

Hizbullah has however acknowledged that it is involved in the fighting in Syria alongside the country's regime against what it called extremist takfiri groups.

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