Telecom Data Dispute Renews despite Cabinet's Decision

The controversial debate over the telecom data renewed between the political arch-foes despite the cabinet's decision to grant security agencies access to it.

As Safir newspaper reported on Friday that the March 8 ministers – Hizbullah, Amal and the Free Patriotic Movement,- voiced objection during Thursday's session to grant the security agencies with the full access to the telecom data, arguing that it violates the privacy of people.

A minister affiliated in the March 8, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the daily that a principle stance was taken to reject granting all the telecom data.

The March 8 coalition considers that the decision violates law 140 pertaining to wiretapping, which was issued in 1999.

Law 140 specifies the protection of communication data.

An Nahar newspaper reported that ministers during the first cabinet session after the government gained the parliament's vote of confidence, called for granting the security agencies the telecom data for a period of six months.

The March 14 coalition has continuously called for granting the security agencies the full telecom data to reveal any terrorist attacks, however, the March 8 alliance argue that granting security agencies the full data of mobile subscribers, including its location, the time, and callers in a conversation violates privacy.

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