LF Leader's Father Farid Geagea Passes Away

The father of Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea, Farid Geagea, passed away on Tuesday evening.

Geagea, the father, was around 92 years old and he was suffering from health complications related to aging in the past months, LF sources told Naharnet.

"He spent the last three months of his life at the hospital,” the sources said.

The LF leader revealed last month in an interview on LBCI television that his father had served in the Lebanese Army band.

"My father did not encourage me to join the military institution, although he was himself a member. And then I decided to enter the medical field,” Geagea commented.

The LF media office announced that Farid Geagea's funeral will be held on Thursday at 5 pm at the St. Saba church in the northern city of Bsharri, his hometown.

Condolences will also be received on Friday at the same church, and on Saturday and Sunday at the LF headquarters in Maarab from 11 am to 7 pm.



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