Ten Hizbullah Fighters Killed in Syria's Ongoing Battles

Ten Hizbullah fighters have died in recent days while taking part in the ongoing Syrian war, most of whom were killed in an attack by the oppositions' fighters in the town of Rankous in Reef Damascus.

These reports were confirmed on websites affiliated with the Syrian opposition and with Hizbullah, which also revealed the fighters' identity and noted that while some of them were buried on Friday, others were laid to rest on Saturday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights provided details on the battles that resulted in these deaths: “Regime forces, backed by Hizbullah fighters, clashed with opposition and Islamist gunmen in the neighborhood of Jobar in eastern Damascus as explosions were heard at the outskirts of the region. This was followed by regime forces bombing several areas in Jobar.”

"These clashes and the battles in Qalamoun and other areas in Reef Damascus resulted in the death of six Hizbullah fighters,” the Observatory said.

Meanwhile, opposition fighters launched an unexpected attack on regime and Hizbullah sites in Rankous between Damascus and the border with Lebanon, the Observatory added.

Hizbullah-affiliated websites said the killed fighters were Hussein Hassan Badran from Deir al-Zahrani region in the southern province of Nabatieh, Ali Hussein al-Hallani from al-Hallanieh town in the Bekaa, Raef Munif Dagher from the southern town of Bint Jbeil, Mahmoud Mohammed Fadel from the village of Qana also in the South, Zeid al-Moussawi and Amir Hamdani from the Bekaa's al-Nabi sheet, Hussein Shokr, Mahdi Fakhreddine from Younine in the Bekaa, Mohammed Abdullah Jouni from Haret Saida neighborhood in the southern city of Sidon, and Ibrahim Adel Hijazi from the South's Kafra.

Al-Jadeed television reported on Saturday afternoon that heavy gunfire was shot in the air in Haret Saida during the funeral of a Hizbullah fighter.

Hussein Hassan Badran, meanwhile, was laid to rest in Nabatieh also on Saturday.

Hizbullah had announced more than one year ago that its fighters are taking part in the ongoing war in neighboring Syria to defend the country against the Takfiri threat.


Source: Naharnet

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