Report: Terrorist Group Seeking to Attack Dahiyeh Hospitals

The stable security situation in Lebanon was marred on Tuesday after Hizbullah obtained news that a terrorist group is seeking to attack two hospitals in Beirut's southern suburbs.

Al-Joumhouria newspaper reported that Hizbullah members and the Lebanese army deployed heavily on the entrances of Dahiyeh on Monday night and boosted security measures after the bombing reports circulated.

The newspaper said that the party obtained information that a “terrorist group will attack al-Rasoul al-Aazam and Behman hospital with explosions.”

“Hizbullah implemented a precautionary deployment plan,” the daily said.

Al-Jadeed television reported on Monday night that the army detained three suspects, who are currently being interrogated.

Security sources told al-Joumhouria that the bombing threats come in light of the violence in Iraq as Sunni Muslim insurgents captured large swaths of territory collaring Baghdad, the capital.

In fighting on Monday, the insurgents seized the strategic city of Tal Afar near the Syrian border, and an Iraqi army helicopter was shot down during clashes near the city of Fallujah west of Baghdad, killing the two-man crew, security officials said.

Hizbullah sources expressed fear in comments published in al-Liwaa newspaper from a rebellion in Lebanon similar to that in Iraq.

“Despite the stable security situation after the formation of the cabinet, dormant terrorist cells still exist,” the sources said.

Informed sources denied in remarks to As Safir newspaper that the army has detained suicide bombers, seized booby-trapped vehicles or has uncovered under ground tunnels.

On Monday, media reports said the army discovered a tunnel in one of the Palestinian refugee camps reaching out of it.



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