26 Fugitives Arrested in the North's Majdlaya

The Internal Security Forces announced on Saturday afternoon the arrest of over 20 fugitives in the northern region of Majdlaya.

"As forces continue the implementation of the security plan in the North, the regional police department managed to arrest 26 fugitives in the surroundings of the Vehicle Registration Authority in Majdlaya,” the ISF said in a released statement.

The ISF noted that the detainees have several judicial warrants against them.

They are wanted “on charges of insulting and attacking security forces, being involved in robberies, firing gunshots, possessing a knife, and violating traffic rules, amongst other wrongdoings,” the statement elaborated.

Earlier on Saturday, the state-run National News Agency reported the arrest of “several people from different nationalities” at the Sunday Market in the Sin el-Fil area of Beirut.

The implementation of the aforementioned security plan kicked off earlier this year in an attempt to restore calm and stability in several Lebanese regions, particularly in the North, the Bekaa and Beirut.

And in the past few days, the army boosted its security measures after obtaining information of a terrorist act planned to be carried out across Lebanon by a group linked to the Abdullah Azzam Brigades.

On Friday morning, the Hamra area in Beirut was the scene of a major crackdown over a suspected terror plot, with security forces arresting 102 people at a number of hotels, among whom only 17 remain in custody.


Source: Naharnet

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