Abductee Freed, Grenade Kills Man in Arsal as 2 Syrians Shot in Baalbek

The Bekaa region on Sunday witnessed a number of separate security incidents.

In the border town of Arsal, a man abducted on May 27 at the hands of an armed group was released in the outskirts of the town, state-run National News Agency reported.

“Blindfolded and handcuffed, Hasan Ahmed al-Ghawi was freed in Arsal's Wadi Hmayyed,” NNA said.

Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said the man had been kidnapped by members of the Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front.

On Wednesday, an army commando force raided Syrian refugee encampments in Arsal and carried out patrols in the outskirts of the town in search for gunmen and wanted suspects.

The army has recently kicked off an operation to detain armed men, who are accused of assaulting Syrian refugee camps in Wadi Hmayyed and abducting several Syrian and Lebanese citizens.

Ever since the Syrian revolt erupted in March 2011, Arsal has served as a key conduit for refugees, rebels and wounded people fleeing strife-torn Syria.

Separately on Sunday, a hand grenade exploded in the hands of Syrian national Ahmed Medlej in Arsal's Wadi Ata area, which resulted in his immediate death, NNA said.

The body was transferred to the field hospital in Arsal.

Meanwhile, a man from the Zoaiter family shot and wounded two Syrian brothers in the Bekaa city of Baalbek.

“Abbas Ali Saadoun Zoaiter opened fire at Syrian brothers Hussein and Youssef al-Mahmoud, who work for the Hasan family in Baalbek, wounding them in the legs,” Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) reported.

In a retaliatory move, members of the Hasan family exchanged gunfire with members of the Zoaiter family, the radio station said.

NNA reported that gunmen belonging to the Hasan family fire gunshots at the house of Abbas Zoaiter, causing material damage.

It said the two Syrians were rushed to the state-run hospital in Baalbek.


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