Detainee Confesses to Hiding Explosives in his Land in Fnaideq

A detainee confessed on Thursday to storing a number of explosives and weapons in property he owns in the northern region of Akkar, announced the Army Command in a statement on Friday.

It said that Mahmoud Khaled revealed that he hid explosives and weapons buried in the ground of the property in the town of Fnaideq.

The army consequently raided the area on Thursday where it discovered a number of explosives, mortar shells, and ammunition.

It also seized a large quantity of metal balls that are used in preparing explosive belts.

Also Thursday, the army raided another residence in Fnaideq where it seized 42 dynamite sticks, 34 120-millimeter and 80-millimeter mortar shells, 14 propellant charges for the mortar shells, and 36 stun grenades.

The army searched for the owner of the residence, Alaeddine Mohammed Kanaan, without finding him.

Thursday's raids come amid recent security developments in different regions in Lebanon.

On Wednesday, a Saudi man blew himself up at the Hotel Duroy in the Beirut neighborhood of Raouche as security forces stormed his room, killing himself and wounding several others.

The security raid followed the arrest last Friday in a hotel in the nearby Hamra district of the capital of a Frenchman of Comoran origin on suspicion of plotting to carry out suicide bombings in Lebanon on behalf of the ISIL.

On Monday, a suicide bomber blew up a vehicle near an army checkpoint and a cafe just after midnight in the Tayyouneh area on Dahieh's peripheries. The bombing killed one person and wounded 20.

Another bombing in eastern Lebanon last week killed a police officer and wounded several others.



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