Hizbullah Sends Reinforcements to Reef Damascus amid Fears of Near Attack by Rebel Fighters

Hizbullah has sent reinforcements to several cities in Reef Damascus amid reports of a possible attack on the region by the Syrian opposition's fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Saturday.

"Hizbullah continues to send reinforcements to areas in al-Qalamoun plains and to the surroundings of al-Zabadani (50 kilometers northwest of Damascus),” the Observer announced in a statement, noting that this might be part of a plan for an attack on the region by the Syrian regime's forces aided by Hizbullah.

Informed sources have told the Saudi daily Oqath that the bodies of three Hizbullah fighters have recently been transferred to Lebanon from the neighboring country.

The fighters had died in an operation launched by the Syrian rebels against party posts in al-Qalamoun, according to Oqath's article, which was published on Saturday.

"The losses of lives among Hizbullah fighters have increased significantly after the Syrian army retook control of al-Qalamoun,” the sources said, remarking that this might have been due to the geography of the region “especially in the Arsal al-Ward area which is difficult to completely seize.”

"Hizbullah leaders are now mapping plans to deal with the situation (in al-Qalamoun), especially amid fears of a possible large attack by Syria's opposition in the coming few weeks,” they added.

Fighting continued in al-Qalamoun between the Damascus regime forces, aided by Hizbullah, and the opposition's fighters despite the “fall” of the region in the government troops' hands.

In June, 10 Hizbullah fighters died while taking part in the ongoing Syrian war, most of whom were killed in an attack by the oppositions' fighters in the town of Rankous in Reef Damascus.

These reports were confirmed on websites affiliated with the Syrian opposition and with Hizbullah, which also revealed the fighters' identity.

Hizbullah had announced more than one year ago that its fighters are taking part in the ongoing war in neighboring Syria to defend the country against the Takfiri threat.


Source: Naharnet

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