Nasrallah: Hamas Was Not Serious when it Called for our Help in Gaza

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stated that there are “no red lines” in the “security war” with Israel, reported al-Akhbar newspaper.

He told the daily in excerpts released on Wednesday: “Hamas was not serious in its call on Hizbullah for assistance in the Palestinian Gaza Strip.”

He made his remarks in an interview, with al-Akhbar, that will be published on Thursday and Friday.

Commenting on regional developments, Nasrallah said: “What we have prepared for Israel was not affected by our actions in Syria.”

"We are a resistance but they want us to be a Shiite party for Arabs, and as we defended the South, we will defend our entire country and our border with Syria,” he declared.

"Many of those who were opposed to us are starting to change their stances,” he noted.

On July 29, Moussa Abu Marzouq, deputy head of Hamas' political bureau, had hoped that Hizbullah will open a new front from southern Lebanon against Israel after it launched a campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

“The resistance in Lebanon has the capability to do a lot of things,” Abu Marzouq added.

Earlier in July, Nasrallah said his group will continue to stand by the Palestinian people and “all Palestinian resistance factions in Palestine.”

“We are following up on all the military and political developments of the battle and we tell our brothers in Gaza that we stand by them and will do everything that we perceive as duty ” to help them, he said.



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