Nasrallah: Lebanese Groups Still Supporting Syria Gunmen with Arms and Guidance

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah declared that the “Lebanese support” for gunmen in Syria is still taking place, reiterating that Hizbullah's fighting in the neighboring country's al-Qusayr and al-Qalamunm regions prevented the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant would from reaching Beirut.

"If we hadn't fought in Qusayr and al-Qalamoun, ISIL would have reached Beirut and coastal regions,” Nasrallah said in the second excerpts of an interview in al-Akhbar newspaper to be published on Friday.

He continued discussion over the presence and power of fighters in Syria: “The Lebanese support for armed groups in Syria is still taking place, and it includes arming and guiding them.”

"The fear of danger is growing and people are now more approving of our fight against takfiris,” he considered.

The Hizbullah chief went on to say: “Wherever there is support for takfiri ideology, there is a supporting ground that favors ISIL presence.”

This is happening in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, he pointed out.

Nasrallah added: “Turkey and Qatar support ISIL and I am convinced that Saudi Arabia fears the group.”


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