Shehayyeb: Our Demand of Disarmament Cannot be Solved Except through Politics

Minister of the Displaced Akram Shehayyeb stressed Thursday that all political powers are demanding that Beirut become arms-free.

He said: "This is an historic issue that cannot be solved except through politics."

"Controlling the arms is required, and maintaining arms against the enemy is also required. It is important to distinguish between arms aimed at defending Lebanon and those that are disorganized and spread throughout the country," he noted.

Addressing MP Walid Jumblat's suggestion that neighborhood committees be formed, Shehayyeb stated: "His main goal is to halt internal strife."

Furthermore, the minister said that the government's lifespan is not linked to the indictment in the investigation in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

"The Special Tribunal for Lebanon is now in the hands of the international community or the U.N. We have only voiced a fear that the indictment may be politicized in order to create internal strife," Shehayyeb said.

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