Hizbullah Has "Fixed Position" Regarding Presidency: Person that Has Real Representation

Hizbullah announced on Sunday that "their position is fixed" regarding the issue of the presidential elections, because one can not take "risks" in this case, but rather electing a person that "has a real representation" between Christians.

A member of the Loyalty to Resistance bloc, MP Hassan Fadlallah said during a memorial ceremony in the southern al-Tayri: "Our position is clear concerning this issue, which stems from our vision of the national interest and not just by giving back or fulfill."

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah had announced few months ago his official support for the Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun as a candidate for the presidency. The door of negotiations with al-Mostaqbal bloc have not been closed since then.

Al-Mostaqbal bloc leader MP Saad Hariri called last Thursday for an agreement on a name for the president, declaring his willingness to have “serious” negotiations with Hizbullah, asking why didn't the other party negotiate with the March 14 candidate and head of the Lebanese Forces Samir Geagea.

Here Fadlallah stressed that "the national interest requires that the presidency should be for the person who has a real representation of his surroundings and of the national level, and can be a source of consensus and reconcile between the Lebanese forces."

He also pointed out that "at this stage of Lebanon's life and under these crises in our region, we can't take risks regarding an important subject related to the head of the country, the president."

Fadlallah also called on everyone to "converge with us on this national vision, which starts in the interest of Lebanon and requires the man, who should be in this position, to be able to manage this stage and transforms us to the possibility of building a country worthy of our people and the sacrifices of our army and our resistance."

He stressed that "Hizbullah has a fixed position regarding his vision of the presidency issue. "

The presidency remains vacant since May 25, the day of the expiration of the mandate of President Michel Suleiman. Since that time, the cabinet has held sixteen sessions and was unable to secure a quorum in fifteen of them.

Moreover, Fadlallah said: “The other item that restores pumping life into our constitutional institutions is the adoption of a new electoral law, as it is an essential and necessary crossing to reconfigure the authorities in Lebanon.”

Hizbullah wants it “to be a fair law that reflects the true representation at the national level and relieves any extremists attempt that prevails in some environments,” according to Fadlallah.

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