Aoun: Sunday, I Held Ministers Accountable for Shortcomings, Today I Say they're Guilty of Avoiding Duties

Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun stated Tuesday that he did not launch a campaign against President Michel Suleiman last Sunday, instead saying that "those who defended him are the ones who insulted him."

Addressing the criticism against ministers, he said after the FPM's weekly meeting: "On Sunday, I held the ministers accountable for shortcomings, but today I say they are guilty of avoiding their responsibilities."

"A minister who is aware of a mistake and does not do anything against it becomes guilty," he added.

"I want to know who in the Lebanese state is responsible for controlling media leaks. Why has no one responded to the questions I asked on Sunday?" he asked.

"Crying has never been wrong, and we are repeating today what we said on Sunday because we are not ashamed of it. What concerns us is always telling the truth," the MP stressed.

Turning to Prime Minister Saad Hariri's recent apology to Syria over accusing it of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Aoun said: "We hope the rest of the officials will apologize for the wrongs they committed against us."

Regarding his participation in future national dialogue sessions, the MP stated: "I will announce whether I will participate in the national dialogue or not at the appropriate time."

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