Jumblat Warns Lebanon Can't Bear New War, Lauds Hizbullah Retaliation from Syria

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat stressed on Thursday that Lebanon couldn't endure the repercussions of a new war, expressing belief that Israel can't afford to engage in any battle at this stage.

“Hizbullah acted in a smart manner by retaliating to the Israeli airstrike in Quneitra from Syria and not Lebanon,” Jumblat said in comments published in al-Mustaqbal newspaper.

He pointed out that “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can not launch a war at this stage, especially with the elections at the doorstep.”

However, the Druze leader noted that Netanyahu's “craziness and adventures are unpredictable.”

“I still fear from entering in chaos.”

Hizbullah fired on Wednesday a salvo of missiles at an Israeli military convoy in a disputed border area, killing two soldiers and triggering deadly clashes that marked the most serious escalation since the sides' 2006 war.

The flare-up, which also left a U.N. peacekeeper dead, added to the regional chaos brought on by neighboring Syria's civil war. Hizbullah indicated the attack was in retaliation for a deadly Israeli strike on its fighters inside Syria's Quneitra earlier this month.

Lebanon's Foreign Ministry noted on Wednesday that Hizbullah's attack did not violate the Blue Line that was demarcated by the U.N.



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