Arslan to a Syrian Delegation: Syria, Lebanon Destinies are One

The Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan on Sunday said that Syrian and Lebanese fates are one stressing that what the West and Israel are planning for Syria will affect Lebanon.

"Lebanon and Syria's destinies are linked together, and thus, Lebanon's stability is linked to Syrian stability, its steadfastness and its resistance against the Western-Israeli campaign against it" Arslan said in front of a Syrian delegation who visited him at his residence in Khaldeh.

Syria had been witnessing unprecedented protests against its regime in which the suppression of demonstrators led to 3000 deaths according to the United Nations, while Syrian authorities say that it had been facing a "terrorist groups" and a media "conspiracy" against it.

Arslan said: "Unfortunately, there is a huge media campaign from neighboring and regional countries on Syria magnifying the issue."

He noted that those who meddle with Syria are "meddling in Syria's resistance role in the region which consistent with the Lebanese and Palestinian's position."

"Some political parties are betting on the Syrian instability and on hitting its national unity," Arslan said, expressing regret that these parties are colluding against the regime.

He added: All those who tried throughout history to have politics prevail over geography had failed."

Source: Agence France Presse

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