Berri on Liberation Day: Resistance Necessary to Protect Border

Speaker Nabih Berri called on the Lebanese rivals on Thursday to admit that a unified resistance is a needed concept to protect the country's border from the takfiri terrorism, which is threatening the nation.

“The border belongs to all the country and not a particular sect... we need to unite in solidarity with the resistance,” Berri said in a statement issued by his press office on the occasion of Resistance and Liberation Day.

He pointed out that the Lebanese should “build a resistance community to safeguard the country's maritime border and natural wealth and prevent the enemy (Israel) from exploiting” our rights.

Berri also noted that the resistance is a must to “safeguard the country's eastern and northern borders from the takfiri terrorism which is threatening our nation and nationality.”

The speaker called on the international organization, in particular the United Nation's Security Council, to end the Israeli violations against Lebanon's sovereignty and the full implementation of resolution 1701, including the Jewish State's withdrawal from the northern section of the village of Ghajar and Shebaa Farms.

Resolution 1701, which ended the Hizbullah-Israel war in 2006, expanded the mandate of U.N. troops in the South, which was originally formed in 1978 after the outbreak of Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war.

It imposed a strict embargo on weapons destined for Lebanese or foreign militias in Lebanon, and pressed Israel to end violations of Lebanon's airspace and to withdraw from northern Ghajar.

Resistance and Liberation Day falls on May 25 and marks the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon in 2000 following an occupation of 22 years.



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