5-Member Gang Arrested over Bomb Plots, Beirut Protests Rioting

General Security said on Tuesday that it has arrested five Lebanese on suspicion of belonging to the Islamic State extremist group for the purpose of carrying out bombings and tasking thugs with causing riots during the latest protests held in downtown Beirut.

A communique issued by the agency said the five Lebanese have set up a terrorist network that plotted blasts to target bases and vehicles belonging to the Lebanese army and security forces.

The suspects have also tasked a group of men to cause riots during the protests organized by civil society activists in the past weeks over the waste crisis and their demands to resolve rampant corruption, said the communique.

The thugs have cursed officials and sprayed abusive and offensive writings on the grave of ex-PM Rafik Hariri at Mohammed al-Amin mosque for the purpose of causing sectarian strife, General Security said.

Following the questioning of the suspects, the agency referred them to the judiciary, it added.

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