Jumblat Accuses Unnamed Officials of Corruption in Several Heated Files

Progressive Socialist Party chief MP Walid Jumblat said on Tuesday that several heated files in Lebanon are marred with corruption, firing accusations against officials without naming them in covering a prostitution ring that was unveiled last week.

He said that the sex slavery ring unveiled has been in business for many years and in complicity with senior officials at the Vice Squad.

“Do you know that the prostitution ring has been unveiled by coincidence and through a free officer with a clear conscience,” Jumblat said via Twitter.

“The ring has been working for several years now in collaboration with senior officials in the Vice Squad,” he added.

On Thursday, the Internal Security Forces busted what it called the “most dangerous” human trafficking and prostitution ring in Lebanon.

ISF was able to liberate around 75 women, mostly Syrian nationals in the operation.

On the illegal internet network, the PSP chief said: “Do you know that a 'hawk' judge has requested a subordinate judge to amble in the investigations in the network?”

“How would he not (the judge) do that while top security and media figures in addition to administrators are involved in the network?” he asked.

Illegal internet stations were uncovered in March where it was reported that they have installed stations that are not subject to the state control.

They are buying international internet bandwidth with nominal cost from Turkey and Cyprus which they are selling back to Lebanese subscribers at reduced prices.

It has been reported that wireless internet towers and technical equipment were placed lawlessly in some mountainous terrains including Tannourine, al-Dinnieh, Sannine and al-Zaarour.

Smuggled internet services initiate risks namely the possibility of security breaches as they lack the basic control standards exposing Lebanon's security to third parties, including Israel.

Source: Naharnet

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