Report: Hariri-Siddiq Conversation Leaked After Attack on Investigators in Beirut Southern Suburbs

Excerpts from a conversation between Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri and false witness Mohammad Zuheir Siddiq broadcast on al-Jadid TV were reportedly leaked to the station after international investigators came under attack at a gynecologist's clinic in Beirut's southern suburbs in October.

An informed source told An Nahar daily that the attackers were able to snatch from the investigators a laptop that included Hariri's statements.

Hariri stressed Sunday that his recorded statements to international investigators in which he criticized a number of personalities were made several years ago during "well-known political circumstances."

Hariri stresses that "this recorded statement was given many years ago, in well-known political circumstances, and addressed a number of personalities and prominent figures whom PM Hariri is proud to count among his friends, as he is proud of the strong relationship he has built with them in recent years," said a statement issued by his press office about his remarks broadcast on al-Jadid TV in a second audiotape.

The TV station has so far broadcast two audiotapes. The press office reiterated that the move was an intelligence work.

"Hariri apologizes personally from all these friends, who were attacked verbally during those years, and stresses that the current attempts to drive a wedge between Hariri and those whom he considers to be at the heart of the defense of the cause of truth and justice, will fail and will not be able to achieve their objective," said the statement by his press office.

It said Hariri made phone conversations with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, former PM Najib Miqati, MP Nouhad Mashnouq and journalist Samir Mansour in this regard.

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