Report: Iran Built Arms Factories for Hizbullah in Lebanon

Amid mounting pressure on Iran from US President Donald Trump and the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu's administration, an Iranian aide to the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards said that Iran has established missiles and weapons factories in Lebanon that it handed over to the Hizbullah party, the Kuwaiti al-Jarida reported on Tuesday.

A statement issued by the Iranian Defense Minister days ago said that Hizbullah has become able to manufacture missiles capable of targeting the entire Israeli territory, said the daily.

An unnamed source who spoke on condition of anonymity told al-Jarida that after Israel destroyed years ago an Iranian weapons lab in Sudan, which provided Hizbullah with weapons, and after the bombed arms supplies moving to it through Syria, the Revolutionary Guards launched a project for the establishment of weapons factories in Lebanon.

According to the source, these factories are built at depths greater than 50 meters underground above which different layers of barricades are built to protect it from Israeli planes airstrikes.

The source added, the factories were handed gradually to Hizbullah and three months ago they have become under the party's complete management and supervision, according to the daily.

Source: Naharnet

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