Nasrallah: The Greatest Lie is Accusing us of Seeking to Control State, Intimidating Miqati is Useless

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah noted on Tuesday that Lebanon is going through a critical and difficult phase that requires responsible action, adding that the opposition “seeks the cooperation of all sides in order to overcome this phase.”

He stressed that the opposition has confronted developments and the indictment through constitutional means.

Commenting on the street demonstrations, he said: “We understand the sentiments because of the political and media tensions.”

“However, had the situation been reversed with the other camp’s candidate being appointed as prime minister and with opposition supporters heading to the streets, we would have heard condemnations from Washington and western capitals,” Nasrallah noted.

“This means that there are no clear standards being adopted. Why do you respect that majority and not this one? If protesting and blocking roads are legitimate rights, then why do you condemn the opposition when it takes to the street?” he asked.

Addressing the appointment of Najib Miqati as prime minister-designate and the protests against it, he said: “Intimidating Miqati is useless and saying that he was appointed by Hizbullah is wrong.”

“Such an allegation is sectarian incitement … The opposition chose Miqati in order to ease the tensions,” he added.

Addressing allegations that Hizbullah is seeking to take control of the state, Nasrallah stressed: “We are not asking for the state or the government … do not conspire against us or stab us in the back.”

“We don’t want your protection and take care of the people, especially the people in the deprived regions in Akkar, the Bekaa, and the North,” he said.

“The greatest lie is that Hizbullah wants to seize the state and the government,” he added.

“Refusing to take part in this government means you want to keep power to yourselves … If we didn’t give Miqati a chance to succeed, then where do you want to take the country?” he asked.

“The previous government or the upcoming one won’t be able to protect Lebanon. The country is protected by its people, army, and Resistance,” he stressed.

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