Aoun Moves to Beiteddine Summer Seat, Chairs Cabinet Session

President Michel Aoun arrived Thursday morning at the Beiteddine Palace, the summer presidential seat, in a tradition Lebanese presidents have been marking since the country's 1943 independence.

The president will preside over a Cabinet session at noon.

As per protocol, a Republican Guard platoon saluted the president and played the national anthem as the Lebanese flag was hoisted over the palace.

Aoun was welcomed by State Minister for Presidency Affairs Pierre Raffoul, acting Mount Lebanon Governor Mansour Daou, Chouf District Officer Marlene Qahwaji, Beiteddine Municipality deputy chief Joseph Karam, Beiteddine mukhtar Maroun Ghayyad, in addition to senior presidency officials and advisers.

The president then moved to his office where he held a meeting with Raffoul, the governor, the district officer, the deputy municipal chief and the mukhtar.

Roads leading to the Beiteddine Palace had been decorated with Lebanese flags, portraits of Aoun and banners welcoming him.

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