Nasrallah: We're Not Advocates of War but We're Ready to Fight

Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah announced Thursday that his group does not want war with Israel but that it stands ready to fight should a confrontation be imposed on it.

“A real resistance fighter, a real mujahid is one who performs his religious assignment to the fullest,” said Nasrallah in a televised sermon marking the beginning of Ashura, according to the Hizbullah-affiliated website al-Ahed News.

“We are not advocates of war or fighting, but if our religious obligation is to fight, we will fight, even if (ex-U.S. president George W.) Bush, (U.S. President Donald) Trump, Israel, some Arabs and the entire world stand in our face. We are not afraid of anything,” Nasrallah added in brief political remarks during his religious sermon.

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