MP Geagea: New Settlement Very Positive, Hizbullah Serious in Committing to It

MP Sethrida Geagea of the Lebanese Forces bloc on Tuesday described the new settlement that was reached among the government's components as “very positive,” noting that Hizbullah is “serious” in committing to it.

“The LF was not away from the negotiations that led to the new settlement, although that was not highlighted clearly in the press,” Geagea said in an interview with al-Markazia news agency.

“The settlement in the formula that was approved today in Cabinet is a victory for all Lebanese, because it will enhance internal stability and reactivate the government after months of absence, and this is what we in the Lebanese Forces were calling for,” Geagea added.

“We will maintain our presence in the government, because what has been approved is a victory for us,” the lawmaker went on to say.

Geagea saluted Prime Minister Saad Hariri over the “positive shock” he created through his surprise resignation from Riyadh last month.

“Had it not been for it, the new settlement would not have been achieved,” the MP said.

She also saluted “the souls of the martyrs, topped by martyr ex-premier Rafik Hariri and ex-minister Mohammed Shatah,” noting that “what was achieved today did them some justice.”

And in response to a question, Geagea pointed out that “Hizbullah is serious in committing to the stipulations of the new settlement” and that “France is playing a key role in guaranteeing this.”

Hariri announced his resignation in a Nov. 4 televised broadcast from Saudi Arabia, citing Hizbullah's meddling in regional affairs as a main reason for stepping down. The nature of the shock announcement raised suspicions that it was orchestrated by Saudi Arabia, his main backer.

Hariri revoked his resignation Tuesday following an agreement on a government statement that reaffirmed Lebanon's so-called policy of dissociation from regional conflicts.

"The Lebanese government, through all its political components, dissociates itself from any conflicts or wars, as well as the internal affairs of Arab countries to protect Lebanon's political and economic relations with its Arab brothers," the statement said.

Source: Naharnet

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