Jreissati Defends Bassil after Franjieh Remarks

Free Patriotic Movement Minister of Justice Salim Jreissati replied to Suleiman Franjieh's remarks likening FPM chief Jebran Bassil to long-time head of Syria's security apparatus in Lebanon Ghazi Kanaan saying “we don't master Franjieh's rhetoric.”

“We do not master Franjieh's language of communication. Now, everyone knows why we have chosen Bassil as the leader of our march under His Excellency the strong president (Michel Aoun),” said Jreissati.

In a televised interview on LBCI TV station on Thursday, Franjieh lashed out at the FPM and compared its leader Bassil to Kanaan saying “Bassil has surpassed Ghazi Kanaan in his approach towards state institutions.”

Franjieh also said that “Bassil declared a war of elimination against us four days after President Aoun's election and we faced a coordination between the FPM and the Lebanese Forces against us.”

Source: Naharnet

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