Israeli Defense Minister: Lebanon Will Pay for Iranian Meddling

Israel's defense minister warned Wednesday that should war erupt again with Hizbullah, Lebanon will "pay the full price" for Iran's entrenchment.

Accusing Hizbullah of sacrificing Lebanon's national interests by "subjugating fully to Iran," Avidgor Lieberman warned that, as a result, all of Lebanon will be fair game in a future war.

Speaking to the Institute for National Security Studies' annual conference, Lieberman said the Lebanese Army will be targeted and "if citizens of Tel Aviv are forced to sit in shelters, all of Beirut will too."

Israel and Hizbullah fought a fierce, monthlong war in 2006.

Israel has recently been warning of alleged efforts by Iran to turn Lebanon into "one giant missile site." Israel's chief military spokesman this week said it was "prepared for all the scenarios."

Source: Associated Press, Naharnet

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