6 Teachers Briefly Detained after Scuffles near Baabda Palace

Six teachers staging a sit-in near the presidential palace in Baabda were arrested Thursday after they attempted to block the road, the National News Agency said.

The protest that was held during a cabinet session at the palace witnessed scuffles between teachers and security forces.

Protesters demanded the release of their colleagues and to meet with President Michel Aoun.

NNA later reported that the six teachers were released, identifying them as Wassim Nassar, Mohammed Qassem, Imad al-Armali, Ramadan Hashoum, Ali Khreis and Jaafar Bahsoun.

Education Minister Marwan Hamadeh meanwhile condemned “security forces' behavior against teachers staging a sit-in on the road of the presidential palace.”

“I deplore the unacceptable violence in a republic that claims respecting freedoms,” Hamadeh added.

Source: Naharnet

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