Qaouq: Parliamentary Elections a Historic Chance to Fortify National Choices

Lebanon's upcoming parliamentary elections will be “an exceptional historic opportunity to fortify the options and walk in the direction of building a state of institutions and effective partnership,” said senior Hizbullah official Nabil Qaouq on Saturday.

However he assured that the “Resistance will not be occupied with the elections” and forget the Israeli threats against Lebanon's oil and land border.

“Has anyone heard Saudi Arabia condemn the Zionist attacks against Syria or Israel's piracy of the Lebanese oil wealth?” he asked. Adding that “what prompted Israel to continue its aggression against Syria and our oil wealth is Saudi Arabia.”

Speaking at a memorial ceremony, he referred to the U.S. mediation in the oil and land dispute file between Lebanon and Israel, he said: “Lebanon was not waiting for fair U.S. mediation that secures its rights in land and sea. What stopped the aggression against Lebanon is its strength embodied in the Army, People and Resistance," equation.

He accused the US mediator in the file, Acting Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield of “taking Israel's side.”

Source: Naharnet

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