On Climate, Macron Tells U.S. Congress There is 'No Planet B'

French President Emmanuel Macron told U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday there is "no Planet B," acknowledging a disagreement with President Donald Trump, who pulled his nation from the landmark Paris accord on climate change.

"Let us face it. There is no Planet B," Macron said in an address to Congress on the final day of his state visit to the United States.

"We have disagreements between the United States and France. It may happen, like in all families," he said -- but such differences would be short-term.

"We're just citizens of the same planet," Macron said.

"With business leaders and local communities, let us work together in order to make our planet great again and create new jobs and new opportunities while safeguarding our Earth. And I'm sure one day, the United States would come back and join the Paris agreement."

Trump said last year that his country would withdraw from the accord, which aims to reduce damaging emissions and was signed by almost 200 countries.

Source: Agence France Presse

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