Report: Hizbullah ‘Exploiting’ Beirut Airport to ‘Smuggle Iranians’

According to reports, Hizbullah is allegedly “using Beirut’s airport to facilitate the smuggling of weapons and fighters in favor of Iran,” the Washington Times said.

The daily said Hizbullah is “corrupting” the Rafik Hariri International Airport and has allowed the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to take the airport as a base for Iranian regime operations, which consists of transporting weapons and fighters to locations and countries serving the Revolutionary Guards’ strategy for regional intervention.”

The daily added that the Lebanese embassy in Tehran has reportedly “announced that in order to facilitate the travel of Iranians to and from Lebanon, their passports would not be stamped at Beirut airport during their trip to Iran.”

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, a branch of Iran’s armed forces, has been meddling in several wars in the region including Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, playing a major role in fuelling them.

No official word from Lebanese officials so far regarding the allegations.

Source: Naharnet

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