Aoun Reportedly Rejects Hariri Suggestions on LF, PSP Shares

President Michel Aoun has rejected Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri's suggestions on the cabinet seats that should be allocated to the Lebanese Forces and the Progressive Socialist Party, a media report said.

“The obstacles of the size of the LF's ministerial share in the cabinet line-up and the issue of limiting the three Druze seats to those named by the Progressive Socialist Party are still the subject of disagreement between the president and the PM-designate,” al-Hayat daily quoted a source well-informed on the talks as saying in remarks published Sunday.

“Aoun is still rejecting Hariri's proposal regarding these two obstacles, which involves giving five ministerial portfolios to the LF, including a sovereign portfolio, or giving it five portfolios that include a sovereign portfolio in addition to the deputy PM post,” the source added.

Hariri had announced Friday that the negotiations have become “very close” to the final line-up “equation,” after talks with Aoun in Baabda.

Hariri was tasked with forming the new government on May 24.

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