Hizbullah Official: Govt. Delay May be Part of Saudi Scheme

A senior Hizbullah official suggested Friday that the delay in the government formation process could be “part of a Saudi scheme.”

“The ongoing delay in the government formation process in Lebanon may be part of a Saudi scheme to evade the results of the parliamentary elections and blow up the size and shares of some of their tools in the government,” Sheikh Ali Daamoush, the deputy head of Hizbullah's Executive Council, said.

He noted that such a scheme would be aimed at “advancing their policies against the resistance and its allies in Lebanon.”

“The Lebanese must realize that this scheme is not in Lebanon's interest and that it is an attempt to undermine political stability,” Daamoush warned, adding that it is in everyone's interest to “preserve stability.”

Urging Lebanese to “seek Lebanon's interest and not to be subordinates to foreign forces,” the Hizbullah official called for expediting the Cabinet formation process and warned that “any delay will contribute to aggravating the economic and financial situation which has reached difficult and dangerous levels.”

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