UAE Warns of 'Consequences' after Nasrallah Meets Huthis

An Emirati minister warned Sunday of “consequences” after Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah met in Lebanon with a delegation from Yemen's Huthi rebels.

“How can the dissociation policy – which Lebanon needs for its political and economic balance and Arab and international position – correspond to Hassan Nasrallah's hosting of a delegation from the Huthi insurgents? This is a question which we call on Lebanon to deal with,” UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said in a tweet.

Warning that “Yemen's crisis and war are among the priorities that are fundamentally linked to the security and stability of the Arab Gulf” and accordingly are not a “secondary issue” for Gulf states, Gargash cautioned that “Lebanon cannot be a logistic or political hub for the Huthis.”

“Neglecting the issue will aggravate its repercussions,” the minister added, addressing the Lebanese state.

Hizbullah said earlier in the day that Nasrallah has met with a delegation from Yemen's Huthi rebels headed by the spokesman Mohammed Abdul Salam to discuss the “latest developments” in Yemen's civil war.

Gulf states accuse Hizbullah of training and supporting the Iran-backed Shiite Huthi rebels, who are at war with a Saudi-led coalition allied with Yemen's internationally recognized government.

Hizbullah, which is also an Iran-allied Shiite group, says the Huthis are fighting a war against Saudi and American imperialism.

Iran supports the Huthis but denies arming them. Saudi Arabia and Iran are bitter regional rivals.

Source: Naharnet, Associated Press

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