Ibrahim: General Security Goal to Shift to Online Operating System

General Security Directorate chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim stressed to al-Akhbar daily in an interview on Friday that the goal of the directorate “during the next five years” is to shift to an online operating system.

Stressing the importance of “building a modern general security apparatus,” he pointed out that the directorate aims to alternate paper applications with online ones, “we aim to cancel paper and pen (system) in the next five years,” Ibrahim told the daily.

“The directorate seeks to make citizens capable of applying for documents online without the need to visit the directorate centers. This means eventually prevents any discretion or discrimination between citizens,” Ibrahim said.

He stressed that “one of the most important objectives of the General Security is to implement management in its modern sense,” noting that it requires an advanced structure.

Ibrahim has introduced Lebanon’s biometric passport in August 2016. The passports have an electronic chip for storing personal data, in accordance with international standards.

But he pointed out that “wired applications and documents require a great willingness to face the threat of piracy,” explaining that “official authorities bear this responsibility, which imposes sustainable financial spending programs to buy and activate protection systems, in the context of a general program to protect information and privacy.”

Source: Naharnet

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