Report: Lebanon’s Salvation Through a National Consensus Cabinet

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri “will not step back from his mission” and is keen on forming a national consensus government to safeguard the investment programs that gained international approval at the Cedre conference, the Saudi Asharq al-Awsat daily reported on Tuesday.

Sources close to the PM told the daily: “Hariri will not step back from his task to form a government. He insists on lining up a national consensus cabinet to protect the international investment programs agreed at the Cedre conference,” because he is confident that “it’s a salvation for Lebanon.”

The sources pointed out that Hariri wants a government composed of the six major blocs represented in parliament so that none of them turns into a “veto power” against the projects.

Hariri “does not wish to engage in political disputes with the parliamentary blocs during the formation process, because he will have to sit with them in the Cabinet later on to discuss how to govern the country into safety.”

“Hariri knows well the articles stipulated in the Constitution on the subject of forming the government and the subject of the powers of the PM-designate,” added the sources in reference to attempts targeting the powers of the PM.

Hariri was tasked with forming a government on May 24 but his missions has since been delayed because of wrangling between political parties over Cabinet shares.

The major obstacles hampering the formation are the Christian and Druze representation.

The Lebanese Forces, whose victory in the May parliamentary elections almost doubled its seats, demand four ministerial seats in addition to a so-called sovereign portfolio.

On the other hand, former Druze MP Walid Jumblat and head of the Progressive Socialist Party insist on allocating the whole three Druze ministerial seats. Meanwhile, his rival, MP Talal Arslan of the Strong Lebanon bloc, also insists on getting a seat.

Source: Naharnet

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