Mashnouq: Hails General Security, Rebukes 'Conditional' Opening of Nassib Crossing

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq hailed the “tremendous” efforts exerted by the General Security Directorate in maintaining Lebanon’s security, noting that complaints from people crossing the border between Lebanon and Syria have “rarely been reported,” within the six-year Syrian war that pressured people to cross into Lebanon.

“Tremendous efforts have been exerted by the General Security. Within the last six years (the age of the Syrian war) we have rarely received any complaints from millions crossing the border,” Mashnouq told reporters.

Mashnouq was addressing reporters from the General Security Directorate headquarters where he visited the Directorate chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim congratulating him on the 73rd anniversary of the Intelligence Agency.

“The Directorate has proved ability to bear the burden of people of two nations,” added Mashnouq.

The Minister denounced conditions set by the Syrian government to open the international Nassib crossing.

“From the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Lebanon has opened all its crossings for the Syrian people. Syrian conditions set to open the only crossing for Lebanon do not reflect the Syrian people (will) and it should not be linked to political negotiation,” added Mashnouq.

Media reports said earlier that Syria has rejected Lebanon’s quest to open the Nassib crossing (which helps revive businesses) unless the Lebanese government asks for it officially, not through delegates.

The international crossing between Syria and Jordan is the main crossing for Syrian exports to Jordan and the GCC countries.

In April 2015, it fell under the control of Free Syrian Army and al-Nusra Front. On 6 July 2018, the Syrian army recaptured Nassib Border Crossing to the 2018 Southern Syria offensive.

Lebanon hopes the crossing will be reopened after the Russia-backed Syrian regime took control and that trade will again begin to flow to help revive its economy.

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