Othman Slams 'Inaccuracy' after Reports Say Top Officer 'Facilitating Prostitution'

Internal Security Forces chief Maj. Gen. Imad Othman lamented Wednesday what he called “inaccuracy,” after media reports said the head of the ISF's Bureau for Combating Morality Crimes had been detained on charges of “involvement in running prostitution rings.”

“What is being circulated lacks the least requirements of accuracy and can be labeled as repugnant defamation,” Othman said in a statement.

“The Directorate General of the ISF is the only side entitled to announce the results of its investigations and it rejects all the circulated reports and fabrications,” the ISF chief added.

The aforementioned bureau's chief, Colonel Johnny Haddad, was “summoned to interrogation Monday evening and subsequently detained in connection with financial ties to the owner of a touristic project in the Choueifat area suspected of being used for illegal prostitution,” media reports said on Wednesday.

“Five policemen were summoned to interrogation on Tuesday morning and three of them were detained as the two others were freed,” the reports added.

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