Military Court Adjourns Interrogation of Suzanne al-Hajj

The Military Court on Tuesday adjourned the interrogation session of Lt. Col. Suzanne al-Hajj to November 25.

Tuesday's session was aimed at questioning al-Hajj over a lawsuit accusing her of fabricating a spying for Israel case for the actor Ziad Itani.

The session was adjourned after al-Hajj's defense team requested that it be provided with documents that can aid its case.

The hacker Elie Ghabash, who was allegedly hired by al-Hajj to fabricate electronic evidence against Itani, also appeared before the court, according to the National News Agency.

Media reports said al-Hajj sought to take revenge on Itani after he screenshotted a Twitter 'like' that eventually cost her job as head of the Internal Security Forces' anti-cyber crime bureau.

The tweet, posted by controversial TV director Charbel Khalil, was widely seen as insulting to Saudi Arabia and Saudi women.

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