Report: FPM Lashes at Geagea after Indirect Hints about Bassil

The Free Patriotic Movement lashed out at Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea assuring that “his attempt has failed to trigger dispute between FPM chief Jebran Bassil and President Michel Aoun (FPM founder),” the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa daily reported on Wednesday.

“Geagea’s statement reflects an obsession called Jebran Bassi,” FPM sources told the daily, stressing that Geagea “was not successful in trying to separate between Aoun and the Free Patriotic Movement. He did not succeed in knocking a wedge between them,” they said.

On Sunday, Geagea called on Aoun to “rescue his presidential tenure” through “reining in the greed” of some officials regarding the new government.

He blamed the deadlock on “obstruction” by some parties “who should be the most keen on the presidential tenure's success,” in an apparent reference to Bassil.

The sources added to the daily saying: “The peak of dishonesty was to publicly speak of support for the tenure while secretly try to knock it down” considering that Geagea’s targeting of the FPM was “aimed at the president and the political team that obtained the rights of the Christians and achieved balance and partnership, which also has given Geagea seats in the government.”

Source: Naharnet

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